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Diagnostic Care

Diagnostic tests are absolutely essential to find out what is going on inside your pet. Some diagnostics are recommended for routine wellness screenings, and other tests are utilized to help guide treatment choices for sick patients.

Laboratory Tests

Often, conditions are internal and pets are better than you may think at hiding illnesses! We are able to help for your pet by performing diagnostic work that can be assessed at the laboratory from fecal exams, urinalysis, cultures, cytology, and blood work such as complete blood counts, blood chemistry profiles, heartworm tests, tick-borne disease screening, and specific endocrine tests.

Utilizing our in-house laboratory we are able to microscopically assess samples for the presence of bacteria, yeast, or parasites to help guide treatment choices to best provide an effective individualized plan for your pet.

Digital X-Ray

Radiographs, commonly known as X-Rays, allows our veterinarians to instantly view and examine diagnostic information from an image. Our radiology services are safe, painless, and non-invasive! We utilize radiographs to diagnosis heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, intestinal blockages, bladder stones, broken bones, spinal cord diseases, chronic arthritis, cancer, and a wide-range of other conditions. These detailed images can quickly and easily be shared with you to begin discussing the best treatment options for your pet.


Ultrasound technology allows our veterinarians to visually examine internal bodily systems, which is helpful when identifying issues that are unclear on other diagnostic tests. Illness and injury are assessed by checking areas such as the liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder, stomach, and intestines on an abdominal ultrasound. The heart can be evaluated through an ultrasound, which is also called an echocardiogram.


EKG is a technological tool that monitors heart rhythms and electrical impulses to address your pet’s heart health and functioning. This tool is fast, non-invasive, and does not require anesthetics. Your pet will gently be placed on their side while electrodes are placed on specific areas of the body. Within minutes, results will be produced and reviewed with you.

Often times, EKG technology is used in conjunction with digital radiology and ultrasound to provide the most accurate results. If you notice symptoms such as coughing, labored breathing, lethargy, and weakness, there may be an underlying heart condition that requires medical attention.

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